About Vessels

Hello, I’m Shirato.

At Shirato, we use a lot of plates and dishes made of Arita-yaki, Shigaraki-yaki, Tokoname-yaki, Mashiko-yaki, and so on. We chose beautiful Japanese pottery plates and dishes because we believe that dishes are not only about the deliciousness of the ingredients, but also about the enjoyment of the food with the eyes.

From striking patterns to plain, minimalist pieces, we consider how they will go with the dishes. Recently, there are many young makers, so it is easier to match with French and Italian dishes. If you have any questions about our plates or dishes during your visit, please feel free to ask us.

We look forward to seeing you all again.


The service is by advance reservation only.

Shirato only offers the multi-course meal of the day that I prepare by using the best ingredients available each day. Please make a reservation in advance.
Call or go online to make a reservation now.